• NIGHT OF THE FLUFFET directed by Chris Roe.   A cautionary tale about the dangers of bringing a wild Fluffet into your home.  7:47

  • STRANGE CLOWNS directed by Michael Paul.   A lonely killer clown turns to online dating when ax murder just isn’t enough anymore.  11:00

  • DECEPTION directed by Amanda Clark.  Hit and run or an execution?  Can he trust her or is he being set up?  2:17

  • AFTER DARK directed by Isaiah Gomez.  Was it really suicide?  Or some sort of cult murder?  11:52

  • CONTINGENCY directed by Morgan Barth.  Gripped by a disturbing anxiety, a young woman struggles with fear. 2:22

  • RUN directed by Michelle Burger.   Her new friends may have Satanic leanings. A message tells her to RUN... but can she? 12:32

  • SQUEEZE TOY directed by Chris Daniels.  A college student descends into madness.  8:05

  • ONE MUST FALL directed by Antonio Pantoja.   This FULL LENGTH FEATURE follows a crime scene cleanup crew on a job that turns deadly when they discover the killer never left.  1:24:15


  • HOLLOW POND directed by  Rolfin Nyhus.   After being abandoned by his brothers, a young Masai boy must outwit a mysterious force to be reunited with his family.  14:00

  • CHARLIE -- SOMEONE'S IN THERE directed by Paolo Casarolli. In post apocalyptic Italy, Antonio tries to save his Dad and keep his companion.  14:00

  • THIS IS FINE directed by Roth Rind.   A meteor is hurtling towards Earth, about to destroy our planet. For three ex-best friends, it might be the best thing that’s ever happened.  7:06

  • NASTY HABITS directed by Allisyn Arm.   A young aspiring musician befriends a lonely truck driver, who picks her up as she hitchhikes her way to Los Angeles.  11:23

  • OKABT directed by Christopher Gros   A surreal horror short depicting a house plant from hell.   8:45

  • LOST BASKET directed by Kevin Anton.    The Lost Basket is the story of two men on an adventure to discover a seemingly hidden treasure somewhere in North America.   4:00

  • A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SERIAL KILLER directed by Rafael Gutierrez.  A quirky young lady gets her fix by going around killing people and using selfishness as as excuse to do it. She breaks the forth wall to explain her logic.  9:21

  • THE BUMBRY ENCOUNTER directed by Jay Kay Raja.   The year is 1961.  Jackie and Terry Bumbry are a mixed race couple who have a paranormal encounter of the wrong kind.  16:57


  • 37 GHOSTS directed by Collins Abbot White.   A hired gun, haunted by the ghosts of his past kills, and struggling with guilt, goes on his final hit.  16:12

  • BAD DREAMS directed by Stuart Fryer.   A boy in bed thinks something’s escaped the cellar. Suddenly...a deformed face looms over the boy with a harrowing scream...   8:29

  • BOXED directed by Wanjiru Njendu  A fictionalized short film based on the true story of the terrifying daring escape of Henry "Box" Brown, who escaped from slavery in 1849.  6:09

  • GHOST TURD directed by Charles Ward.   Three young friends sit in a bedroom sharing horror stories when suddenly their evening is interrupted by a strange, old man...   14:44

  • I HEART VALENTINES directed by Eric Poe.   A mail carrier, who just wants to have a nice, peaceful smoke, chooses the wrong Valentine, at the end of a long day.   5:00

  • JERKY directed by Brent Braaten, Amy Trefry.   A Feminist Poetic Horror movie about a recluse falconer, her quirky neighbour Alice, and the things in the forest that slither between the trees.   12:51

  • LITTLE DONNIE directed by Chel White.  A stop-action animation that brings to life a murderous doll that terrorizes the owner's home.   3:45

  • LOST PROPERTY directed by C.J. Barnes.   They check into their room, a strange briefcase left behind makes them a bit uneasy. And then the whispers start...    7:00

  • THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED directed by Lindsay Barrasse.   A man drives along unhurried and relaxed.  If only his pasenger felt the same!  Set the 1970s...  12:00

  • THE TATTOOED HEART directed by Sheldon Wong Schwartz.  Creative writing instructor at a juvenile detention center is drawn to a troubled student but finds herself in great danger when she tries to help her...    9:00

  • TILLIE directed by Olivia Anton.   Julia and her friends secretly visit the abandoned “Tillie” mural in Asbury Park, Then Julia’s friends start to go missing. ...she may be next!  23:04

  • WHISTLER'S MOTHER directed by Robbie Robertson.   The artist spent years trying to capture the essence of his mother—not to create a masterpiece—but to save his mother from possession...   14:54

  • WICKEN directed by Faisal Hashmi.  A young woman Skyping with her long distance boyfriend late night realises that an ancient evil presence may have been unleashed upon her.   7:36